Fire Truck Financing

Community Leasing Partners is an industry leader in providing lease purchase finance agreements for all of the vehicles, equipment, and property needed to keep firefighters able to protect their communities. We have worked with thousands of customers and have the knowledge and experience to quickly and easily get the funding you need for your next fire truck, SCBA, turnout gear, and fire station purchases.


Benefits of Lease Purchase Financing

  • Not considered debt
  • No voter approval needed (in most states)
  • Quick and simple
  • Flexible payment structure
  • No additional costs


Learn More About Lease Purchase Financing

  • Who can use it?
    Generally, any government entity or political subdivision that retains the power of eminent domain, police power, or the power to levy taxes can qualify for a municipal lease purchase. Additionally, some provisions within the tax code allow essential services organizations acting on behalf of political subdivisions, such as Volunteer Fire Departments, to qualify.
  • What can be financed?
    Lease purchasing can be used to pay for big-ticket items such as fire trucks or fire stations, as well as smaller essential purchases such as SCBAs, and turnout gear.
  • What is the process?
    Community Leasing Partners makes the process quick and easy with three simple steps - credit application, contract, and closing.

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From our customers


"Community Leasing Partners is very knowledgeable and nice to work with. They knew everything we needed to get our paperwork done."

Donna Creech
Lincoln County Fire Protection District No. 1

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