Municipal Financing

A municipal, or tax-exempt lease purchase agreement allows a political subdivision to use annual revenues to make payments for any type of essential use equipment or facilities. This financing method is a popular alternative to purchasing an asset with cash, using an operating lease, or issuing bonds.


Benefits of Lease Purchase Financing

  • Not considered debt
  • No voter approval needed (in most states)
  • Quick and simple
  • Flexible payment structure
  • No additional costs


Learn More About Lease Purchase Financing

  • Who can use it?
    Generally speaking, any government entity or political subdivision who retains one of the three following characteristics or sovereign powers: the power of eminent domain, police power, or the power to levy taxes can qualify for a municipal lease purchase.
  • What can be financed?
    Lease purchase financing can be used to pay for big-ticket items such as buildings or vehicles, as well as smaller essential purchases such as SCBAs, turnout gear, and air compressors.
  • What is the process?
    Community Leasing Partners makes the process quick and easy with three simple steps - credit application, contract, and closing.

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